Betsy Christian

“First, I LOVED working with Maryleigh and couldn’t be happier that she made a great sell on my house and also became a friend. Furthermore, she sold my house before it was ever listed and I never lifted a finger.   What makes Maryleigh different is that she listens for opportunity and when spots it she doesn’t take it for granted but she works it — and she does it immediately. There is no “getting around to doing it” with Maryleigh.  She works through the big and the little surprises that pop up in a real estate deal. In the hectic last days before my house was officially sold, Maryleigh kept her eye on the project and used her amazing list of packers, rug cleaners, electricians to help get us out of one house and into another.  In short, Maryleigh gets the job done, is wonderfully cheerful, and has a honed eye for both long and short-term real estate investments.”

– Betsy Christian