Mike Nicholson

Mari Jackson was responsible for making my most recent real estate transaction the quickest and easiest one I’ve ever had. AND SHE WASN’T EVEN MY REALTOR! I am a home builder and have been involved in over 400 transactions so when I say Mari’s was the best transaction, she hands down beat out a lot of great realtors.

Let me explain. I am a homebuilder in the Houston area and my brother passed away having a home in Austin. Another brother and I were responsible for liquidating the property. Because we didn’t understand the Austin market, we interviewed 4 local realtors. Before we could award the listing, Mari ( who was not one of our 4) brought us a buyer that our brother’s house was perfect for and a contract that was exactly in line with what the other 4 agents recommended. She didn’t sit back and wait for something to fall in her lap, she identified her buyer’s needs and found exactly what was required to fill those needs before it was even on the market. We were so impressed, we allowed her to handle the entire transaction. She rewarded us with a hassle-free transaction and a closing in a matter of a few weeks. She was incredibly thorough and a joy to work with. If I were in the market to buy or sell a home in the Austin area, Mari Jackson would be the realtor I would call.